For Freedom, Liberty and Justice!

My friends and I have become a little obsessed with card game-esque board games recently. We are playing several deck building games including the amazing DC Comics and Lord of the Rings deckbuilding games by Cryptozoic and Marvel: Legendary by Upper Deck. One game that we all particularly enjoy is set in a unique silver age comic book world that would make an ideal setting for a Marvel Heroic Event. Sentinels of the Multiverse is a co-operative game for 2 – 5 players by Greater Than Games.

Each player takes on the role of one of the universes heroes and is given that heroes corresponding deck. Cards in your deck represent your hero’s powers, equipment, abilities and personality. Each turn you can play cards and use abilities to try to take down one of the games many villains. Each villain has their oen deck too that ramps up in difficulty the more cards are played and the more players in the game. The game captures the flavour of most superhero archetypes superbly and is tonnes of fun and reletively quick to play.

The greatest superhero team of this universe is the government gathered Freedom Five. The quintet are funded by the USA and tasked with responding to threats that the military and police cannot. The team consists of the virtuous Legacy, the battle-suit toting Bunker, Tachyon the quickest women alive, the shadowy and vengeful Wraith and the reluctant and dying Absolute Zero. In the Datafiles section you will findHero datafiles for the Freedom Five, four of their greatest nemeses and some additional suprises.

Here is the leader of the Freedom Five and one of my favourite decks to pilot.

Legacy is the latest hero in a line of powered humans by the same name. With ech generation, the new Legacy reatins the powers of their forebears and develops new powers of their own. This Legacy is a paragon of virtue and a truely inspiring leader akin to Captain America.



And where would a hero be without a foe to show them the error of their ways. Baron Blade is the typical mad scientist, creating ever new and ingenious ways to destroy his nemesis Legacy. With designs on world domination, Blade more than has the weight to support his ambitions.


Well thats it for this post. Thanks for reading and dont forget to check out the resources page.


No More Mutants! Life After the Decimation

Been a couple of weeks since my last post and it is with a heavy heart that I write this one today.

MHRP No More!


Yesterday I checked into Facebook to find a message from one of the players in my gaming group informing me that Margeret Weis were halting production of their Marvel roleplyaing line. My love for this game has grown since I picked it up and started playing it. It is an elegantly simple system that operates as a story driven combat roleplay or a more focused character developing plot. Margeret Weis’ handling of the Marvel canon and host of characters has been exemplary and their books and pdf files look fantastic. It is a real tragedy that we will never see what they had planned for future Event supplements but the ones they have given us set a high standard.

With that being said, I also think this game is one of the best systems for Watchers and players that like to get creative and write up their own Hero Datafiles and Events. The character creation system is very easy to use and you can have a playable character after about 15-30 minutes of tinkering and note taking. I hope to see lots more material produced by the fans of this great game. With the core rules given to us we as fans can take this game wherever we want to.

I was going to make this announcement on hopefully a more happy occasion but I thought this post would serve as good an opportunity as any other.

So here is what to expect from Growingdread over the next couple of months:

Event Book: EXiles – Beware the Timebreakers


This full Event supplement will allow you to journey through the alternate realities of the Marvel Universe. Follow the adventures of six strangers as they battle to right wrongs across the Multiverse and find a way home. Beware the Timebreakers will include Datafiles and Scenes from the first 65 issues of Marvel’s EXiles comic.

The Event book’s contents will include:

A guide to the Marvel Omniverse’s many alternate realities (and dimensions),

A brief guide to teams that have enjoyed many cross-time capers,

A guide to creating and altering Datafiles for Heroes from alternate realities,

Full background information for both the EXiles and Weapon X Teams (including Datafiles),

Event Milestones and Unlockables,

A complete Three Act Event,

Datafiles for:













Power Princess


Spider-Man 2099

A guide to the Crystal Palace


This has been a massive undertaking but I’m hoping to have it completed soon.


Sentinels of the Multiverse


 A side project to keep me sane. Ive been working on Datafiles for the Heroes that inhabitat Greater Than Games’ immersive comic book card game world. For those who are not familiar with the game, each player receives a deck of cards represents the equipment, powers and abilities of a specific Superhero and then battles against a Super-Villain’s dastardly schemes represented by a brutal deck of cards. The world the game is set in is similar to both the Silver Ages of Marvel and DC comics. The decks capture the essence of super-hero archetypes very well is a real blast if not a challenge to play. Some of my players have requested these Datafiles that we will probably end up using in a One-Shot Adventure.


Who Watches the Watchmen


I am hoping to have six Datafiles written up for the main protagonists of this legendary graphic novel.


Hopefully lots for you to enjoy and read.

Origins: Savage Defenders

Origins: Savage Defenders

Our gaming group meets quite regularly, about once or twice a month, and we soon got into the swing of playing the new Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Game. Here are my best attempts to condense are play sessions up to the buildup for Civil War. At the beginning of our game the players were playing the following Heroes;

  • Iron Man
  • Sub-Mariner
  • Gambit
  • Deadpool

Prelude: Nick Fury’s Secret War


Our disparate band of Heroes save New York from a sinister terrorist threat after being roped into a covert operation by Nick Fury.

I don’t want to go into too much more detail encase your group wants to play this event. The event, datafiles and other resources can be found at the excellent

Friction between Namor and Tony Stark caused the latter to abandon any connections with Fury’s kill squad. The sixth member of the clandestine group, Quicksilver, recovers from his severe beating at the hands of the Crimson Dynamo. Deadpool acquires a taste for paid agent work in the employ of S.H.I.E.L.D. and joins the world peacekeeping organisation.


Raft Boom

With a disciplinary record as long as the river of verbal effluent that spouts from his mouth, everybody’s favourite “Merc with a Mouth” is forced into a post as a guard at the Raft penitentiary. Whilst serving on the island Deadpool learns of billionaire Ed Gross’ private collection of super-villain memorabilia and the Asgardian artefact it contains. A combination of boredom and psychosis leads Deadpool to believe he is worthy of the title God of Thunder. Hoping to recover the lost hammer of Thor, Deadpool has his associate Bob Agent of Hydra hack into the S.H.I.E.L.D. database to retrieve the location of Gross’ mansion. As he retrieves the data the Raft suffers a catastrophic power loss caused by a violent explosion. Believing he has caused the incident, Deadpool stalks off into the darkness searching for a way to escape.

Meanwhile in a separate part of the prison, Quicksilver meets with his friend and psychiatrist Leonard Samson. Quicksilver is falling to pieces after failing to come to terms with the betrayal and breakdown of his sister Wanda. Samson believes that there is an inmate on the island going through similar experiences and that the two can help each other to overcome their problems. Quicksilver and the doctor head deep into the underwater levels of the Raft to meet with Robert Reynolds, the Sentry. Robert is a recent arrival to the Raft after turning himself in and asking to be imprisoned for killing his wife. Before the pair can reach their destination the power cut causes the elevator they are riding in to halt unexpectedly.

Elsewhere, Namor attends a meeting with the lawyer of the Fantastic Four at one of Reed Richard’s pier-front properties. The Avenging Son has become driven by the corruption and irresponsibility of S.H.I.E.L.D. and surface world governments. He is determined to create an Atlantean embassy in every major nation in order to learn more about the Earth’s political systems and garner enough evidence to bring down corrupt organisations. Reed Richards has agreed to sell his former warehouse to Namor for one dollar to use as a location for the New York Atlantean Embassy. As Namor’s pride and quick temper causes him to refuse the perceived insulting offer the meeting is cut short by a deafening explosion on the landing docks of the Raft. Seeking to improve his reputation with the surface dwellers, the Sub-Mariner swims out to help with events on the Raft.

Deadpool makes his way through the dark corridors of the prison to the mess hall where a riot between two warring bands of super-criminals has broken out. Revelling in the chaos, Deadpool is content to let the prisoners take care of each other until one amongst them blasts his way out into the open night air. Determined to halt Count Nefaria’s escape, Deadpool unsheathes one of his katana and hurls the weapon at him. The deadly blade strikes its target impaling the villain through the chest. Mortally wounded Nefaria doubles his efforts and flies off at top speed. Deadpool escapes the grasp of the oncoming mob by teleporting onto his quarries back in mid-air. Off balance and disorientated Deadpool is thrown to the landing deck hundreds of feet below allowing Nafaria to flee.

Namor arrives at the landing deck to find a squad of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents besieged by a chained together Tiger Shark and Armadillo. A gruesome battle ensues with the Prince of Atlantis and the desperate villains. Namor manages to buy the agents enough time to regroup but is eventually overcome by Tiger Shark’s savage assault. Armadillo makes a bid for freedom, breaking his bonds with his revenge driven partner and diving into the waters surrounding the Raft. Not content with knocking out his victim, Tiger Shark claws and rends at the fallen body of Namor causing severe physical trauma. Overcoming his fall, Deadpool recovers in time to teleport himself and Sub-Mariner to the nearest hospital for treatment.

Forcing the doors of the elevator open, Quicksilver and Samson find theirselves in the subterranean maze of tunnels beneath the Raft. Before the pair can repair the elevator they are ambushed by the psychotic Carnage. Quicksilver survives a brutal assault by the symbiote powered madman thanks to the support of Doc Samson. Thinking swiftly, Quicksilver orders the good doctor to rip one of the facilities gas mains from the ceiling. Grabbing hold of Carnage and stretching his foe’s shapeshifting potential to its limits, Quicksilver uses his superhuman speed to create a potent backdraft and a spark causing the leaking gas to explode. With Carnage defeated, Quicksilver and Samson make their way to the generator room to bring the prisons defences back online. After doing battle with the energy-being Zzax, the duo manages to repair the systems and get the backup generator working. With the power restored the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents are able to bring order to the Raft and prevent any further escapes.

In all forty six inmates escaped the Raft and our Heroes saved New York City from being overrun by villains.

Into the Wilds . . .

  • 2 new Heroes join the group,
  • A friend meets a violent end,
  • And the Heroes learn the truth behind the Breakout.

A Warm Welcome True Believers

Hi all of you that are taking the time to read this blog.

This is my first foray into the Blogosphere, hence the hastily constructed site.

I currently Watch (if thats the correct usage of the verb) two gaming groups. One group is playing through Civil War, after completing Nick Fury’s Secret War and Breakout. The group calls themselves the Secret Defenders and consists of:

  • Ka-Zar, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Doctor Strange
  • Spider-Man
  • Deadpool, in possession of Thor’s mystic hammer

The second group is working their way through X-Men: Messiah CompleX (an event I have written myself).

I love the mechanics of this game system and have enjoyed Watching these games for my players. My intention for this blog is to posts summaries of our play sessions and encourage the players to maje contributions.

I also enjoy creating (and laminating as my players will tell you) datafiles and resources that I hope to include on the blog.

Hope you all enjoy and Make Mine Marvel!